November 14th, 2019

heart sneaks

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I love stories that feature tiny, kind of insignificant looking gifts that are actually deeply meaningful, like Jared's gift in True Beauty is Found Within by lullys, and the gift in the story I read last night,Mirror, Mirror on the wall by Merenwen76.

There's just something so sweet, so innocent, and so full of hope, to give a gift like that. I remember when I was an itty-bitty, wee roxy, a friend of mine found a little gold-colored ballerina slipper charm. We all kind of coveted it--it was pretty, but he gave it to my mom. She cherished that little thing. In fact, I still have that little slipper in a box with a few other pieces of her jewelry. A little, worn, more-than-fifty year old charm. I'm a collector of things like that, too. I have little bits, and cards, and rocks and things make no sense to anyone else but me—and the person who gave it to me.

Anyway, you should read those stories because they are both very good. They made my little ♥ soar.
dean hug


Dear Show,
If I apologize for saying the first two eps wa'nt shit, will you stop beating me up? I'm not sure my fannish heart can take more of this.