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fic post: Welcome To The Fun House

Title: Welcome To The Fun House
Pairing:Clark/Lex/Mysterious Stranger
Summary:PWP--a little voyeuristic silliness. just me having a good time, and being kind of porny. *g* sometimes, it should just be fun.

Clark stopped with his hand pressed against the closed study door—every time he’d visited the mansion, the door had never been closed to him, and now it was. Locked, even! He heard a gasp of sound and he now he knew why. He knew, anyone would know, what that sound meant…he definitely didn’t have to hear it again to know it meant sex.

Lex. Behind this door with…someone. Or by himself, Clark thought and blushed. A hot wave of embarrassment reddened his face and made his neck sweat and oh man. He pulled back from the door—he actually managed a step or two away…and then, a Thought sneaked in…nudged his brain, whispered in his ear, asked if he would like to buy naughty postcards….

He was filled with a horrible curiosity…what did Sex—Lex—what did he look like having sex? What did he do, how did he like it…this was his chance to find out, whispered the Thought.

No. He’d been taught invading someone’s privacy was terribly, terribly wrong, and God—he had personal experience with just how ghastly wrong a thing peeking could be…Clark shuddered violently from head to toe. But this was different—and besides, if he just listened, how bad could that be…? No looking, just…hearing? A teeny bit?

He closed his eyes and listened. He heard breathy gasps and little groans, that particular slap of skin against skin, a little sticky pop, a little liquid gurgle that signaled pleasure, not discipline. Funny word, discipline. Funny thought. Juxtaposed with Lex…well…it didn’t bring “no TV for a week” to mind.

Any further mental exploration in that direction was derailed by a deep, shaky moan that slipped between the molecules of the door, slithered inside him, and worked its way up bit by bit, growing hotter and hotter until it shuddered out of his own mouth.

Clark decided that if he didn’t touch his cock, that made it okay. He wasn’t being creepy and stalkerish if he didn’t jerk off while he listened. After all, anyone would listen if they heard Lex—someone! Someone moaning non-stop, “fuck yeah, fuck yeah, harder…” Clark obeyed immediately and breathed even harder. His cheek was pressed against the door, the wood that had been cool and soothing was sticky and hot, but hell if he was going to peel himself off right now. Clark’s hand was in his pocket, but just to move his keys…they were poking. He shivered. Poking.

Lex was getting louder, and Clark had to concentrate to keep his knees locked, and really, this was still not weird… “Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me, deeper, fuck me, harder!”

Okay, *that* was weird. Clark’s cock twitched—hard. Lex yelled, "Deeper—faster!” and Clark gave up any pretense of shifting keys and shifted himself, quite a few times….

Somehow, some way, the door kind of fell open, sort of. He made a noise best described as ‘yeep’. Promised he’d reshape that doorknob and put it back into the wood, and wondered if Lex would believe that it was termites, or--‘wood fatigue—happens at the farm all the time, Lex, darn …’

There was another little problem, a personal one, because somewhere in the room, a metal button was imbedded in something thank *God* not Lex…or the guy *fucking* him, for crying out loud, how was that possible--

Clark’s world did a two-step--another dimension, that was it, obviously, he’d fallen into an alternate universe—that was *not* the guy who’d been screwing Desiree, a woman who was a walking wet dream (if you ignored the meteor enhanced homicidal tendencies), or the guy who showed up for doofy small town affairs with girls so hot, they made eyeballs come. There was no way in hell that guy could be getting screwed by a *man*, energetically, acrobatically, and way, way hotter than anything he’d ever looked up late at night on the internet with his door locked and lots of clearing of history after shakily coming to a lip biting orgasm…..

Lex was crouched over the guy, the guy’s cock was up his ass and Lex was doing his best to shove more of it inside and it just wasn’t physically possible. The few remaining functioning brain cells Clark possessed took note it was pretty darn big cock…how did Lex do that, he wondered. The rest of his brain tried to keep him up right *and* pump all of his blood to his own cock. ‘Give up the standing upright,’ he thought, ‘I need all of that blood--’

Lex’s eyes shot open and met Clark’s—

“Oh shit,” he yelped. While not exactly the level of eloquence he’d come to expect from Lex, Clark felt it did the job describing Lex’s chagrin at being observed.

Clark suddenly was aware that he had something in his hand which turned out to be half of his zipper. He looked blankly at the little strip of fabric and metal teeth before dropping it. The only thing keeping his cock in his jeans was a woefully inadequate wall of faded plaid cotton, and his boxers, though game, were losing…he also became aware that Lex was staring at him. Open mouthed Lex, all shiny, dripping with sweat, red cock gleaming and waving at him, drooling for him. Clark took a step closer. Wow. It was a wonderful look for Lex, even with strange hands all over his chest and pulling his legs apart and fisting his cock, with all his cool gone, red-faced and gritting his teeth, rising and falling on the thick shaft inside him—it was a *wonderful* look.

Clark wondered briefly it was an indication of the fluidity of sexuality, or just being really fucking horny, to get off on your friend being fucked—ferociously. Clark conceded that his fluid sexuality pretty much flowed one way—Lex-ward.

Lex gasped, “Clark!” and then groaned like he was in horrible pain, threw his head back, his mouth dropped open and his cock. Gee. Blew, from his chin to his navel, come shot out over his pink skin, dripped from his chin. He looked really—surprised.

Clark bit his tongue. Jumped. His eyes blinked frantically and he was terrified he was going to come too…Lex arched and shuddered, and the guy behind him, his hands were curved over Lex’s ribs and his cock was shoving in and out and he shouted.

Clark covered his face with his hands. And Lex kept coming and coming behind his eyelids.

Silence. So total that Clark was beginning to think he’d died, which was not that awful a thought. A tug at his jeans and wet heat on his cock, well, on the cotton over his cock, let him know that he was oh so alive and incredibly well. He could feel the wet squirm of a tongue against him and the fabric quickly soaked through, from the tongue, from pre-come. And Lex’s voice said quietly, “I’m going to put you in my mouth.”

That was weird to top all weirdness in a weird night full of…weirdness. It was beyond the wildest ideas of weird. Weird had come in, taken a look around and left, shaking it’s head. Of the millions of things Lex could have said to him, that was one Clark had never imagined. Clark shuddered, his ass clenched, as Lex reached into the slit in his boxers and coaxed him out and into his mouth… Okay, he was lying, so lying, a lying… “Oh my god…” Okay, maybe he had thought about it once in a while, like when he wondered what sex would be like with say--Lana, or Chloe or the girl at the Quick Check…He arched and yelped, and spread his legs so Lex could pull his shorts down, “oh, oh, oh God…” What’s her face at movie ticket thing—“Oh!” That kid at the gas station—“God!” A finger circled his hole, and how was that possible because he was pretty sure Lex was holding his cock and squeezing his balls…it felt strange, and like… “More?” and it slid in, and in…tingles swept him. Gas station, yeah…Whitney…Grant, Bill… “Aaah!” Truth was, he’d thought about Lex more and more often lately…and Whit… “Oh my!” and sometimes Pete….

One finger was soon two, and he felt like he was just beginning to feel it…he needed more. More swiftly became the most intense feeling, waves of warmth and tingles raced around and around his hole. It was good—and bad—bad because if he backed into that feeling, Lex lost his cock, and that was bad, so he had to jerk forward into the heat of Lex’s mouth, and then, the tongue in his ass lost him—he solved it by jerking back and forth, back and forth and made every one happy because he was all about happiness, and problem solving, “yeeeesssss…”

Somewhere in the backing and forthing he felt the smooth coolness of tempered glass under his hands, Lex’s desk to be precise, Lex’s mouth had sadly moved, it was now open and pressed against his cheek, and words tumbled past his ear, hot and wet, hands eased him over and open, and he was on his elbows, looking down through the glass. Clark shuddered—any minute now, he could stop this, his brain told him, Lex told him, over and over until he had to kiss him to shut him up. “God, Lex! Please…”

What exactly please Lex please he wanted him to do Clark wasn’t sure, until Lex slithered to the floor and rolled his tongue over his cock. The hands behind him eased him open, and fingers slid inside, back again, and for a long moment, there was no thinking. There was groaning and moaning, and the feeling of his cock sliding into Lex’s throat, the guy’s fingers sliding into him. There was a lot of sliding going on—his heart was about to slide into arrest, he thought. Staring through the glass and the look of Lex, his lips stretched thin around him, sweat beading up on his precious head, gleaming on that delicate sexy knob right *there*, begging to be kissed, rolling down his exquisite neck—umm, sex made him corny—

He was up on his tiptoes, and his knees shook and felt like they were going to give out. “Relax, breathe out,” the words rolled out deep rumble from behind him, a gentle push on his back eased him down off his toes, and Lex reached up from under the desk, wrapped his arms around his thighs.

“You’ll like this,” he said, licking his balls, sucking lightly at the skin. “You’re made for this,” and Clark felt a hot wave of arousal and an odd feeling of pride. Lex thought he was fuckable. Yeah. He knew enough not to lose control, not to fuck Lex’s mouth like he wanted to, and he had to not do it while concentrating desperately on not shaving slivers of glass from the desk. Of course that meant he had to whimper, and it was a whimpering that slid wildly up and down the scale.

He felt guilty. Dogs all over Smallville tonight were probably losing their minds.

The whimpering seemed okay with Mysterious Person, a throaty chuckle behind Clark sent shivers racing up his spine. The velvety heat sliding up and down his cleft became a solid blunt nudging at his pulsating hole--nudge became a push inside, and his belly tingled, his ass clenched and released and the guy popped inside like—reverse champagne. Something. It made him feel almost as fizzy as champagne, his body was bubbly and tingly, it was sweet and dizzy-making just like real champagne and it didn’t take a whole bottle or two and it made him cry out, over and over….

He risked a look down through the glass…down at Lex. His red mouth was dripping wet, hot and swollen around his cock and Clark moaned loudly, splayed his arms wide across the desk, and twisted his hips, trying to get the guy to thrust deeper, harder…it was driving him crazy, he was feeling the tingling burning tug inside of him that meant ‘hello, we’re about to come, yay,’ and also trying to memorize the feel of Lex’s tongue drilling into the slit in his cock, and ‘remember, remember, don’t shred the glass, don’t pulverize the glass….’

The guy suddenly hit something, and a wild buzzing surge of electricity blew every nerve in his body, blew brain cells apart, and made him shake, pop, fizz, in every single cell. “Again, do that again!”

Again that chuckle, that deep brown chocolate flavored superior chuckle--

One last surge and his knees really did buckle. Lex pulled his hips closer, swallowed, and Clark’s cock leaped, leaped, quivered and was hotter for a moment as he flooded Lex’s mouth.

The sensation was repeated inside of him, the same leap, the same twitch and heat spreading, deep…filling him…the chuckle turned at last to a gasp, a groan and Clark laughed out loud…he had Mr. Mystery now. Clark tightened his ass, a little, flexed muscles, just a tiny bit, and was rewarded with a shout halfway between pleasure and pain.

‘Hah. Bastard. Take that—oh god, move like that again…’

Lex was leaning against his legs, sweat beaded his scalp and dripped down Clark’s thighs, his neck was a furious red. He looked rumpled and bleary and his lips were dark and swollen, and Clark licked his own…an errant Thought wandered by and whispered—saaay, how would Lex taste? And what a perfect moment to find out, don’t you think? He pulled away and Lex let go with a pop. The Mysterious And Skilled Stranger staggered back with a grunt and Clark was on his knees bent over Lex’s cock, taking a moment to sniff the very good smell of Lex and sex. One deep bow over Lex’s cock, a lick and a sniff and a gulp and it was in his mouth, deep breath and a swallow, and Lex was groaning as loud as he had, his long fingers were wrapped tight in his hair, and Lex used his grip to guide Clark, and wasn’t that nice of him?

Clark was a quick learner, and an eidetic memory was a wonderful tool…he’d liked when Lex had tickled the underside of his head with the tip of his tongue—and Lex liked it too—it had really made him take notice when Lex mouthed and sucked on his balls and wow—Lex really liked that too. Lex liked when he slid his tongue tip into that little slit, he liked it when Clark opened his throat and coaxed him in so far that he felt the hardness of Lex’s cock at the back of his throat, and when he swallowed, Lex was gone, wild, and hot and shouting, spilling into him. Clark swallowed, humming. Happy to be there.

It was a good afternoon.


“Lex. It was…illuminating.” M.A.S.S. held his hand out; Lex grabbed it, rose to his feet smooth as a dancer, and came to rest against his chest. A big broad chest. With hair. And muscles…and scars and tall and…Clark exhaled. Okay. Intimidating. And unbelievably hot, almost as hot as Lex…

“I hope you come again, Bruce, I miss you. And I think Clark would like to get to know you better. Am I right, Clark?”

Clark gaped at Lex, awe-struck—flummoxed—dumbfounded, discombobulated, nonplused and many other words meaning this moment had gone straight through alternate universe and become something no human mind could hold, He was half naked in a room with two of the sexiest men in the world, (he was pretty sure on this point, if sexier men existed, they were probably registered as deadly weapons and hidden by the government) who were completely naked and making him feel like an underachiever—and Lex…Lex was jealous! Jealous of huge sex-god man—Bruce?


Clark shook his head. “No. Not at all.”

Bruce smirked, and dipped his head in a sketch of a bow. “I can see I’ve become superfluous.”

Who knew when Bruce left? Who cared? Clark was entirely too busy falling into Lex’s eyes, floating on a thick fluffy cloud of adoration…and Lex? Lex was smiling back, Lex was opening his mouth, Lex was saying “Clark? I know I locked that door…”

‘Oh shit.’

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