roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,


I would have a nice bit of update here for East Of The Sun, but I'm stuck on...the sticky parts, as it were. *snickers like a twelve year old* I've been working so hard on what's really a tiny little bit of the whole thing--why, it's crazy, I tell ya! But it's Lionel and writing Lex and Lionel together is so damn hard for me. Not that that's the sticky bits, nonono!

Shame, isn't it that I felt I had to clarify that? *snickers again* Oy, my fandom. Why has you become so staid? *shakes head*

Once upon a time we were full of the omg, they did not go there, but now, not so much. I do my best but I'm only one little grandmotherly woman, how much wrongness can I spew? And even I am devolving into a purveyor of shmoop. How did this come to be? *shakes little t-rex fist at the sky*

I'd probably be a lot further along in the story if I didn't keep stopping to natter on like this.
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