roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote,
roxymissrose about this...

I have notes and ideas about the end of the story...*koff* I also have chocolate chip cookies, and maybe lemon bars. Now, I'm not saying that I'd exchange baked goods to have the end of the story written, buuuuut...I'll just leave some delicious pastries here on the table and turn my back and if the ending should just happen to be in it's place, well....

You know, the kid that played Dean's NotSon in the second ep of S3 was perfect! Yeah, I'm watching them now. :) I remember when I bought the first season, I'd only seen two or three shows, and each new ep was a revelation. I just liked the show back than, the stars were likable and kind of cute and did a good job. Hah! Tiny did I realize.
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