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The icon is just because I like it, not because it fits the story.

So, I was supposed to be cleaning and writing and doing lots of productive stuff, instead, I spent all night and all day reading this fucking incredible--no, I mean *FUCKING* INCREDIBLE story by Te, thete1. The story is A way So Familiar , brand new and Tim/Bruce in a way that anyone who's ever said Tim/Bruce EWEWEW!! (moi) will be "well hell yeah, that makes beautiful sense." And there's Harvy Dent but not like the movie (rolls eyes a bit) and Lex Luthor...boy. This is a Lex that makes your head swim. So fucking perfect and better than DC or the WB ever did. ( CW? What is this CW?) But most importantly and most perfectly, Bruce and Tim (Tim in a way that's mid-boggling), it's all about Tim. Or it's all about Bruce. It's high school, and it's romance, and it's tragedy and it's a whole lot of things. Mind you, I may have sniveled once or twice. And snickered, but mostly read it with my mouth open and on he edge of my seat and did I happen to mention there was hotness of a variety that makes me just...*flail* really, because words don't say what I want them to. I love the way that woman writes the sex. Anything. The way she writes anything. I haven't commented on the story yet because, man, you just have to think about a story like this a bit before saying anything and really, my brain is still kind of reeling.

You really want to read this.
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